How to Support the Transgender Group

As an experienced transgender hookup finder, I have become a regular customer of these online hookup sites, and I have made close contact with many crossdressers and transsexuals. In the process of close communication with them, I have a certain understanding of some real situations faced by this group, which many cisgender people can't know. Through contact with them, I have learned how important it is to give support and help to this isolated group. Some of their miserable experiences in work and life are caused by the lack of enough care and help. So if you want to be one of their allies, you can try these methods.

  1. Respect the terms used to describe transgender identity

Trans people are a very broad group. Because of their different experiences, they are often divided into several different categories. For example, transgender is a general term, which generally refers to those who are born with different sex and their internal understanding of gender. Transsexual refers to those who, through transsexual surgery and other methods, have completely become the same sex as their gender identity. Non binary refers to those who think that their gender is neither male nor female, but a gender between them. Gender fluid refers to people whose gender changes over time. If we're not sure which category they belong to, we can't use the terms at random based on speculation. On the contrary, when we have doubts, we should ask politely.

  1. Be patient with gender dysphoria

It is a very common phenomenon to suffer from gender dysphoria, because even if it is not trans people, people may suffer from this disease, especially in the adolescence where our cognition is still developing. In this period, people will show their inadaptability to their identity, even rejection and suspicion. But for non-transgender people, the symptoms do not last through adolescence. But in this process, they will fall into anxiety, panic and worry because of their identity. They may get angry with a personal pronoun you use; they may also ask you to use different personal pronouns at different times. These pronouns are an external manifestation of their inner gender identity. In any case, we should be patient with this group.

  1. Don't pay too much attention to their reproductive organs and surgical conditions

No matter in the face of trans or cisgender people, it is not appropriate to pay too much attention to their reproductive organs and sexual life. Especially for transgender people, it is insulting to ask them these questions. Whether you want to be a good friend with him or build a trans hookup relationship with him, you should focus on his dream, character or anything else. Paying too much attention to these personal issues will make them think you are approaching them to satisfy your curiosity about this group. So, don't ask a transgender these private questions unless they are willing to share them with you. Find the best trans dating app.