Frequently Asked Question about Transgender

Although the group of transgender has appeared for a long time, its acknowledge and tolerance are not enough. It was not until the 20th century that more and more experts studied and discussed this field. As the group of transgender gradually enters into people's vision, the total number of trans hookup finders who want to pursue a transgender hookup relationship is also surging. Maybe it is because of the fascination with TS dating, or maybe it is because of the curiosity in the field of trans dating. Transgender hookup has become a trend in dating. For a qualified gay hookup finder, it is essential to understand the transgender. Here are some questions people often ask about the transgender.

What do MTF and FTM mean?

I firmly believe that most hook up finders are using these online dating sites when they are looking for trans hookup. They often see the abbreviations of MTF and FTM on these websites. Maybe some hooking up finders had some doubts about these two nouns. In fact, MTF and FTM are acronyms of two nouns, namely, male to female and female to male. MTF refers to those who were born with sex as men, but they see themselves as transgender women. FTM refers to those who are born with sex as female, but their gender identity is indeed male.

What does genderqueer mean?

Genderqueer is a term related to people's gender identity. For transgender, their gender identity is either male or female. For those with genderqueer, the situation is quite different. They may think that they are both men and women; they may think that they are neither men nor women; or they may think that their gender identity does not belong to these categories at all.

What is gender non-confirming?

Gender non-confirming is a very broad term. It is worth noting that a person's behavior and gender expression are inconsistent with people's traditional expectations of this sex. For example, an assigned sex is a man wearing a skirt and high heels. It's clear that skirts and high heels are feminine objects. But when we get to know transgender people, we know that this is their gender expression. It's also a transgender process in which transgender people begin to live as their gender.

What is the difference between transgender and cross-dressing?

Yes, although the behavior of crossdressers does make a lot of trans hookup finders mistakenly think that crossdresser and transgender are the same. But in fact, there are essential differences between the two. Transgender people disagree with their assigned sex, and may choose to express their gender through clothes and hairstyles. Although crossdressers also tend to wear women's clothes and jewelry, they fully agree with their assigned sex, and they have no intention to change their sex. For cross dressers, they wear women's items just for psychological satisfaction or purely for entertainment and so on. Not all cross dressers are transgender. In general, there is a big difference between the two. This is the best trans dating app.