Are transgender women similar in Thailand and the Philippines?

You all know transgender women because of their beautiful appearance and positive attitude, because they always keep smiling. Their amazing bodies and faces are the envy of some girls and many men who dream of dating transgender women. Generally speaking, in Thailand and the Philippines, you are most likely to find a transgender girlfriend who is both beautiful and feminine. You can also try your luck in Vietnam, Laos or Singapore, two of the countries we're talking about today are the most transgender people in Asia.

Transgender people of Thailand

Every year, Thailand attracts millions of tourists with its fantastic natural scenery, beautiful beaches, and especially the friendliest people. Thailand also has the highest concentration of transgender women and people in the world. Kathoey, formerly known as Kathoey, is a Thai transgender woman who sometimes looks so feminine and androgynous that she can hardly distinguish them from real girls!

Perhaps this is a country where transgender women are fully accepted and integrated into society, and no one looks down on them. Transgender women have the moral support of family and friends to legally take hormone pills in hormone replacement therapy from the age of 12. In addition, transgender women can easily achieve their image through a widely used surgical procedure -- breast augmentation, hip enhancement, and vaginal replacement. That's why their completely feminine appearance can be confusing. The only tricky thing to note is that Thai transgender people sometimes speak little English, and communicating with them can lead to misunderstandings.

Transgender people of the Philippines

The Philippines is very close to Thailand on the map and seems to have a lot in common with Thailand, but this is not the case. Unlike Buddhism, which is widespread in Thailand, which implies the existence of a third gender (the closest explanation for transgender people), the Philippines is predominantly Roman Catholic. The church here tolerates heterosexual relationships and condemns any other type of sexual orientation as "inherently promiscuous." This is why transgender people, or so-called Baklas, are generally not recognized by most conservative Filipino society. However, such condemnation has not stopped Filipino transgender people from pursuing transgender goals.

Besides, they belong to a Catholic family and go to church every Sunday, even though their religion does not recognize them. Most filipinos believe baklas' actions violate traditional family values, which is why transgender people here are not as free as Thais. However, this does not mean that they are illegal or completely banned - you will see them walking on the streets or in shopping malls - even if there are not as many as in neighbouring countries.

Transgender women in the Philippines usually look feminine, and it's hard to tell the difference from a real girl. They are petite by nature and often look less Asian due to long migrations from the United States and Spain. Because English is officially taught in schools, transgender women in the Philippines often speak good English, may not be fluent, but are able to communicate properly with foreigners.

Now that you know something about these special girls, you may be looking forward to seeing one of them! However, you don't have to travel all the way to Asia to have a trans dating. First let's look at the most popular transgender dating site, Transdr. There you will find many beautiful transgender women ready to communicate and socialize with foreign men. Step by step, you will find your perfect transgender girlfriend!