What Transsexual women thinks about Transsexual Dating

Transsexual dating and transsexual women are always become a point of attraction for cis genders. However, cis genders won’t take them seriously and always make fun of transsexuals, but there are still many things that you need to know about transsexual dating and transsexual women.

Like other cis women, transsexual women also have their own expectations from their dating partner. But most of the time, their expectations won’t be fulfill by their dating partner as cis males that are dating with transsexual woman have their own fantasy. We personally analyze some transsexual women and are stuck with huge surprise that we have while talking with transsexual women about their life, their dating choice and expectations from their dating partner. What are the worst moment that they ever have after being a transsexual women and what they really feel about their dating experience, life style they are currently living and how they are treated with the society after being a transsexual women.

There are some serious matters that we never thought about transsexual community but they actually happened with them, no matter that they are either transsexual men or transsexual women. Here are few points that are discussed here in this post –

They genuinely looking for a date and dating partner - Transsexual women too have feelings that they feel towards their dating partner. It’s not all about sex and money all the time and they are not asking for money when they want to date with you. When she is going out with you for a date night it never meant that she is available to fulfill your sexual desires and sex demand nor she is asking money from you. One of the major misunderstanding between cis males are, if a transsexual women ask you for a date it means transsexual woman will ask money from you in return of her sex favors. But this is not actually right and transsexual women too looking for the same love and respect from their dating partner as the cis gender will give to their dating partners.

Transsexual women are not experienced in terms of sex – Many cis males thinks that transsexual women are experienced and know how exactly to please a man in bed. Cis men think that transsexual women will teach him and complete all his sexual desires in bed or during intercourse, but this is not at all correct and this is quite another misunderstanding that cis genders create by their own.

They love to be treated wild – No one likes to be treated wild, no matter how exciting or crazy you are. That’s the same criteria for transsexual women when they are going out for date. Transsexual women too expecting a regular dates and kinky things while going out for a date, you won’t ask her for sex favors right in your first date. This is not at all accepted and if you date a transsexual date only for this, it’s better to search any dating sites that offer one night pleasure services.