Tips and Advice for Dating a Trans Woman

As trans people and trans dating are more and more accepted by the outside world, many people want to date trans women. If you are always looking for a trans women for dating, you need to know some trans dating tips firstly.

Understand what is transgender and transgender people
Most people cannot see the difference between sex and gender, in fact, sex and gender are different from each other. Transgender is a generic term which includes cross-dressers, transvestites, transsexuals and other types. However, transsexual is a particular type of people whose gender identity is different from the gender they are assigned with. Transgender women are women with female gender identity, and trans men are men with male gender identity. Transgender women includes two types of women: one is transgender women who were born as male, they had physical change and live as real women now, the other one is trans women who were born as male but they didn't have any physical changes. These two types of transgender women are not easy to distinguish by their appearance.
Having a general understanding on transgender women, and using the right terminology in trans dating, this is a very important step before date with trans women.

Be honest when date trans women
Before dating a transgender woman, you need to clear about your dating intentions. Many men just date trans women for fun and hookup, they treat trans woman as a fetish. If your dating intention is only sex, you'd better find some websites with this kinds of services. Many cisgender men don't know that like all cisgender women, trans women are dating for a stable relationship, they don't want to date for sex and be treated as a fetish. When you register at a trans dating app or ask a trans woman out for dating, don't always think that they are open-minded with casual sex. They may get angry if they are treated as a sexual object or a fetish. They are transgender people with different gender identity, but they need to be treated with respect. The same as real women, most transgender women are not interested in dating married men or trans men. So, ask yourself what kind of relationship do you want before dating a trans woman. When it comes to dating, transgender women are the same as all cisgender women. So, intelligent and handsome guys are attractive to transgender women.

Be prepared for emotional baggage
If you want to date trans women, you should be prepared for emotional baggage, because they always bring some emotional baggage in dating and relationships. One of the biggest problems of transgender women is how to deal with their femininity. In many occasion, transgender women are not treated as real women. In trans dating, you may meet a trans woman who is about 30 years old with expectations and experience of teenagers. If you really want to date trans women and have a long-term relationship, you need to know more about their expectations and experience. You can always chat with your trans partner, and know more about their inner heart.