Signs that Your Relationship Has Gone Wrong

There's nothing worse than keeping a tran hookup or dating relationship that doesn't make you happy. But most of us have done it and will continue to do it, because it's not something you consciously do. You can't decide to stay with that person just because you're afraid of being alone. When love fades away and your passion disappears forever, it's hard to save your lgbt dating relationship. Do you still insist on your kinky dating relationship because you're afraid of being single, or because you don't want to believe that your transgender dating relationship is breaking down? Here are six signs to help you understand whether you're in a relationship because you're afraid of being single. Here is the best trans dating app.

  1. Your partner is no longer making you happy

This is the most important one. If you think your partner can't make you happy, then you're still with them just because you don't want to be single. Especially if your partner tries to meet every need, but you just don't enjoy it anymore, that means it's time to move on. When you need to force something to work, it means it needs to be repaired or discarded. If you've tried everything, and you realize that your partner bores you, and you're no longer interested in them, you should consider leaving them forever, because your happiness should be your first priority.

  1. You complain to others about your partner

If you find yourself constantly complaining about your partner, it means that you are not satisfied with them, and it is meaningless to be with them just for gossip. If their habits suddenly irritate you, it means that you are no longer comfortable with their company, and you no longer like them because of who they are. When you really like a person and want to be with him, you will find their habits and eccentricities interesting and not irritating, which is the biggest difference between being in love and being afraid to leave them.

  1. You've been daydreaming

Fantasizing about a better future or another partner is a worrying sign that you're staying with your current partner just because you're afraid of being single. When we are daydreaming, we are thinking about all the things we want to improve or abandon in order to be truly happy. We daydream because we are not satisfied with reality / our partner. We daydream to avoid what we can't do, that is, break up with them and move on forever. In this case, you need to realize that you are just postponing the inevitable.

  1. You can't imagine being single.

When you want to break up with your partner, what's the first thing you think about? Is it loneliness or freedom? If the first thing that flashes through your mind is feeling lonely, chances are you're staying in the relationship because you don't want to feel lonely. Another indicator is whether you are shocked by the idea of dating again. Here is the best trans dating app.