Four transgender models we need to know

1. Nathan Westling

Nathan Westling is a famous model of American, and he is a transgender man. He is a newly transgender man who declared his transition in an recent interview. He is the model of many famous brand such as Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent. " I feel like that I have been living with a mask," he said in CNN interview. Transition is an incredible process for a 22-year-old girl. Born in Arizona, Westling said that he felt that he was different from other girls at a very young age. Many people in his home town have misunderstandings on transgender people. In 2004, he came out as Natalie and his modeling career start to kicked off the same year.

2. Casil McArthur
Before working as a model, Casil McArthur identified as a trans man. He dreamed to become a model as a trans man, while, he worried that if being a trans man would affect his career. In 2015, he started to underwent transition treatment and came out as a man. Now, he is one of the top transgender model. In modeling industry, Casil McArthur is seen as the first high-fashion transgender model and ts dating enthusiast. As one of the most transgender model, he also works on transgender issue and transgender activities. He is a member of transgender community.

3. Loren Rex Cameron
He is the most famous transgender photographer in American. Most of his art works are in nude and clothed form. Grown up in rural Arkanasa, he used to be a tomboy on the farm. When he was 16, he identified as a lesbian. That cannot be accepted by most of people in small town. With great pressure from people around him, he moved to San Francisco where there was a lesbian community. Several years later when he was 26, he began transitioning and came out as a transgender man later. Now, he is one of the most famous photograther. Many of his photographs were pulished in exhibitions. Meanwhile, he also share his transition experience with other people by this way.

4. Laith Ashley
Laith Ashley used to be a churchgoing girl and very imitate to her father. When he was young, he was a famous sports star at school. He was better at sports than most of boys. When he was a woman, Ashley started to realized that he was interested in women, and this was a great pressure for him. When he was 17, he date a girl online for the first time, and he was still a girl at that time. This seemed impossible to accept for his parents, he leaved his parents and lived alone when he was 17. At the same age, he began to start transitioning treatment. He changed a lot within a year. He started to post his photos on Instagram, and that is the start of his modeling career. He is the first transgender model who served on RuPaul's Drag Race, a famous TV show. His stories affected many transgender people, he is a good example to transgender community and transgender dating.