How to Support the Transgender Group

As an experienced transgender hookup finder, I have become a regular customer of these online hookup sites, and I have made close contact with many crossdressers and transsexuals. In the process of close communication with them, I have a certain Read More

Frequently Asked Question about Transgender

Although the group of transgender has appeared for a long time, its acknowledge and tolerance are not enough. It was not until the 20th century that more and more experts studied and discussed this field. As the group of transgender Read More

Steps work on hooking up online

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Signs that Your Relationship Has Gone Wrong

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Advantages of Using Hook up Apps

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What Should Transgender Women Wear On the First Date

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Four transgender models we need to know

1. Nathan Westling Nathan Westling is a famous model of American, and he is a transgender man. He is a newly transgender man who declared his transition in an recent interview. He is the model of many famous brand such Read More

7 misconceptions about transgender people

1. Transgender people are crazy Many cisgender people cannot understand the life of transgender people, most of them believe that life of transgender people is crazy. This is one of the common misconception on transgender people. When it comes to Read More

4 Tips for online transgender dating success

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